Dear guests of the site, and of course the owners of our puppies, and now large and very serious dogs, thank you for your love and care for your four-legged friends, we are very pleased to receive news or whole stories about how your life has changed, how it played with new colors. We look at photographs in which you grow up with your new friends, someone goes to the mountains, someone has children and the former puppy becomes a friend and guard for his little man. Thank you for being!
Not so long ago, one of our first-borns came to us, our Kerogen, aka Gesha, aka Leekur Adonai Ajax, and in addition to him we received several photographs and a story about this tomboy from his owners.
We are waiting for fresh stories and vivid photos from you, your Kirill and Elena.


is my first dog in my life

Kerogen is my first dog in my life, I thoughtfully chose the breed, and the miniature pinscher is a direct hit in the heart, full compatibility and great love!
When we came to get acquainted with the puppies and choose, there was a request - a boy with uncropped ears and a tail. But Kerogen decided otherwise! The only kid with a docked ponytail chose us, and it was love at first sight. The time from acquaintance to the moment when Kerogeshka was allowed to be taken to his new home dragged on very slowly, but the day finally came, and the dog left with us. In a new place, he showed himself to be an active, inquisitive researcher. Immediately conquered all the relatives. And Elena and Kirill were always in touch, prompting and answering questions, even the most stupid ?
Now Kerogen has grown up, he is a favorite of the whole family, insanely charming, smart, active, funny and cunning. A tasty thief - you need an eye and an eye so as not to steal away the cheese and bacon that are harmful to him. We teach well, carry out all the necessary commands, listen well - we get a lot of compliments on walks. The breed and its representative arouse a keen interest among those around it, they often ask questions, we gladly tell.
Kerogen has his own character, habits and addictions. Chases pigeons (lifts on the wing). He loves plush toys, but they do not live long, the miniature pinscher, like a rat-catcher, tears them apart. He likes to bury his head in a blanket and sleep warm. Jealous - objects if the owners pet someone else. At the same time, he gets along well with other dogs, plays. He does not like brushing his teeth and cutting claws, but he resigns himself. She loves carrots and cucumbers, if she hears the words "carrot" and "cucumber", she picks up everything, puts her ears on and waits for a treat.
It can be both silly and very serious. He loves to play with the owners, drag toys, bring a ball, look for a treat in a fluffy rug, roll around on the sofa, drum on everything that comes across with his hind paws, and dig the sofa with his front paws. Tireless. But if he feels that the owners feel bad, or someone is quarreling, or is completely sad or crying, then Kerogesha comes to console very touchingly: he touches his paw, pokes his nose, licks.
Interested in everyone, a sea of ​​energy. Sociable, loves people very much. Great companion. He walks, travels in a car, visits.
Like any living creature, sometimes it gets sick. Even poor health often does not diminish his cheerfulness. Of course, he does not like to be treated, but he tolerates injections, tests and other manipulations, well, and how not to endure them, if Elena always treats him like a family, and Kerogen is happy with her and Kirill, so a trip to the clinic is not only stress, but also very joyful moments.
For us, the Miniature Pinscher is the best breed in the world. It requires a lot of attention and work, but you have a wonderful family member, very involved in your life, smart, funny, loyal, with a unique character - the best companion!

Maria and Dmitry

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